2019 Qualifiers Officiating Crews


With Qualifiers only weeks away it’s time to share with all y’all the who’s going to be officiating at the tournaments. First up we have 2019 Men’s European Qualifiers, hosted by Granite City Brawlers on 3rd & 4th August

MEQ Officiating Crews
THRs Macfarane & Rollin Rat
THNSO Yvel Saint Laurent
GTO Cupid
Stats Beth Case Scenario
Stats Scrim Reaper
Somerville Blackwell
Skabarella CHR Temeraire
MC FIPR Batmags
Victoria Velociraptor JR Shuggs Bunny
Homo You Didn’t JR Tiny Tearaway
Holly OPR Jurassic Snark
Tessington World of Adventures OPR Quagga
Quad Damage OPR Anton Deck
Fleming Young
Krystal Vice JT Peggy Krueger
Halo Jones PT Ragna Rock
Sticks & Stoner eIWB Joe Care
Jak PBM Linz & Needles
Candy Moho PBT Miss D Moan
Polo Kiwi PBT Peaupiette
Sláine SBO Kedrog
EmKa SK SpeckyLou
DisorderLee SK GingerSnaps
Law Have Mercy LT Purple Pain
Elizaref LT Penalty Bock
Champierre Patin LT Hellavator


Fun fact: all of the MEQ crews were all named for notable Scottish women who furthered humanity in their works, through disciplines of Nursing, Scientific Illustration, Chemistry, Astronomy, Maths, and much more!


Two weeks later, we’re off to Rome, New York for North American Qualifiers, hosted by Mohawk Valley Roller Derby, on the weekend of the 17th & 18th August


NAQ Officiating Crews
THRs Harleyquinn Davidson
THNSO Chiro-Fracture
GTO Pinky & the Brawn
Stats Bobtimus Prime
Stats Slay West
Crew 1    Crew 2
Doesn’t Matt-Her CHR Judge Double Wapner
Kylo Ref FIPR Wreckordian
WifeOPathic Signal JR Dirk Shearer
Pete In The Pool JR Dilligaf
G’Innes OPR EmPower
FloBlock OPR Pushup Zebra
Organic Panic OPR Daemon Mistress
SynapZing OPR Zero
No, Frankenstein is the Real Monster Frankenstein’s Monster Dr. Frankenstein
TBD CHNSO/CRG Fatal Exception CHNSO/CRG Thistle B. Painful
Dragon Harass PLT Toxic Marcotic PLT Mea Culprit
Thistle B. Painful PLT TBD PLT Fatal Exception
Kinky Linky JT Mz. Hyde JT Apex Predator
Mea Culprit PBM Apex Predator PBM Dragon Harass
Wild Irish Rosie PBT India Pale Al PBT Mz. Hyde
Mama Menace PBT Kinky Linky PBT Wild Irish Rosie
Coconutz Chanel SBO Veronica Scars SBO Toxic Marcotic
Pamda Bear SK Coconutz Chanel SK Veronica Scars
India Pale Al SK Mama Menace SK Pamda Bear


Congratulations to all the officials! See you at Qualifiers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]