MRDA Board of Directors

President: Julia Sleazer

Vice President: Hulk

Treasurer: Dr. B

Secretary: Apex Predator

Director of Games: Macfarlane

Director of Member Relations: Trash

Director of Public Relations: Beater Parker

Director of Officiating: Ninja Sass’em

Director of Information Technology: Mooose

The Men’s Roller Derby Association was founded as an incarnation of the MDC legacy. With the passionate people at the helm of MRDA, we continue to promote roller derby through resource sharing.

But now – we are focused on developing more benefits to leagues who become members. Such benefits include: umbrella insurance coverage, insurance reciprocity with WFTDA, and the ability to compete in the annual MRDA playoffs (North American and European) and Championship tournament.

With encouragement from the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), MRDA hopes to build a strong and influential organization like WFTDA. Our aim is to complement their contributions to the sport of roller derby and offer new perspectives to the derby community.