Varsity Derby League

Location: N/A, N/A
Joined Date: 0000-00-00
Current President: 3
Safety Officer: 3
Team Acronym: VDL

About Varsity Derby League

Varsity Derby League (VDL) is Canberra’s gender-inclusive roller derby league. Anyone of any/non gender is welcome to join. We have two women’s teams, the DisHonour Rollers and the Rogue Scholars; a men’s team, Capital Carnage; and a mixed/non-gendered team, the Smackademics. We started out in 2011 as an ANU sports club, which is how we got our name. VDL encourages people of all skill levels to join. Skaters and referees can progress through training at their own pace, there’s no pressure to meet skill standards within a certain timeframe. We aim to make VDL a supportive and fun ‘derby family’ while promoting good sportsmanship, positive body image and diversity "Capital Carnage" is Canberra’s premier (and only…) men’s roller derby team. We’re proud to say that three of our skaters are on the Wizards of Aus 2018 world cup training squad – Astroboyd, David Deckham and Copter!