East Midlands Open Roller Derby

Location: Nottingham, UK
Joined Date: 09/16/2015
Current President: N/A
Safety Officer: Leahviathan
Team Acronym: SSB

About East Midlands Open Roller Derby

The Super Smash Brollers are the MRDA Team of East Midlands Open Roller Derby.

The League is an open league which has an MRDA aligned team.

The League has a number of MRDA Recognised Officials and an AFTDA Certified Announcer.

Brollers train every Thursday evening.

They normally play home games at Lee Westwood Sport Centre on the outskirts of Nottingham City Centre.

The league are open to new members and to opportunities for games.

  • 101 Gruff
  • 1015 Coco
  • 1337 Algorhythm
  • 1962 Beater Parker
  • 2016 Mattman
  • 2502 Bubs
  • 33 Buzz Killington
  • 444 WarrSlammer
  • 6712 Nixon
  • 92 Dick Van Stryke