MRDA relies on qualified officials to make sure that its events are run safely, efficiently, and in accordance with MRDA/WFTDA rules.

MRDA has a high standard for excellence and believes that its officials should be acknowledged for having met this standard. To that end, MRDA has defined an MRDA Official as follows: “MRDA Official is an official (Ref, NSO or Announcer) who is acknowledged by MRDA as consistently and effectively volunteering their time and skills in a manner to uphold the MRDA/WFTDA Rules, the ‘MRDA Code of Conduct Acknowledgment, Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreement (CCNC)’, and who supports the development and growth of MRDA.

Our list of MRDA Recognized Officials can be found here: MRDA Recognized Officials

How To Become an MRDA Official

In order to be formally acknowledged as an MRDA Official, a prospective candidate must request this acknowledgment (verbally or in writing) from an MRDA member league or MRDA BOD Member.

Once acknowledged, this official must submit a signed copy of the CCNC to the Director of Officiating, along with the following information:

  • The Officials’ Legal Name
  • Derby Name
  • Contact Information
  • League Affiliation (if applicable)
  • Endorsing MRDA League Representative

For a copy of the MRDA Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreement and Code of Conduct Acknowledgment contact the MRDA’s Director of Officiating

What to Expect

Within a couple weeks, MRDA Official candidate will receive an email indicating their status. Approved MRDA Officials will be allowed to wear an MRDA member patch on their officiating uniform.

Evaluation Forms

These evaluation forms may be completed for Officials seeking certification through the MRDA. MRDA Evaluation Forms are available for the following positions, and may be completed for MRDA Regulation and MRDA Sanctioned bouts:

Please complete the appropriate form and submit it to:
[email protected]

More details regarding MRDA Certification will be posted soon. Any questions regarding these forms can be sent to:
[email protected]

MRDA’s Regional Officiating Representatives and Area Coordinators

Regional Officiating Representatives

  • Europe: Sven WillBeFamous & Dirty Härry
  • US Northeast: Wreckordian & Headless Horsman
  • US Southeast: peeka
  • US North Central: The Gorram Reaver
  • US South Central: DominA-sha
  • US Northwest: Dell From Hell
  • US Southwest: Butt Force Trauma

They can be reached by emailing [email protected]

Regions Represented

  1. Canada
  2. Europe
  3. United States
    1. Northeast (CT, ME, MA, NJ, NH, NH, NY, PA, RI, VT)
    2. Southeast (AL, DC, DE FL, GA, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV)
    3. North Central (IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, ND, OH, SD, WI)
    4. South Central (AR, KY, LA, MS, MO, OK, TN, TX)
    5. Northwest (AK, ID, KS, MT, NE, OR, WA, WY)
    6. Southwest (AZ, CA, CO, HI, NV, NM, UT)

Officials Area Coordinators

  • Australia: Denominator
  • Canada: Pamtera
  • Europe: Skabarella
  • Latin America: El Huracan
  • United States: Ninja Sass’em

They can be reached by emailing [email protected]