Saint Louis Gatekeepers

Location: St. Louis, MO
Joined Date: 09/01/2010
Team Acronym: GKRD
Current President: Magnum

About The Team

About Saint Louis Gatekeepers

Saint Louis Gatekeepers
Company Overview

St. Louis GateKeepers Roller Derby was founded in 2009 by two male flat track derby referees who craved a piece of the action that the women of their respective leagues had been enjoying for years.

After some careful planing and a meeting with over a dozen interested skaters, the GateKeepers took the track for their first practice in November of 2009. The league has been growing ever since.


We, the GateKeepers, are unanimous in our commitment to creating a flat track roller derby league that is, above all, operated solely by its team members and free from outside influences and pressures.

We desire to become a separate yet equal organization to our sister league, the St. Louis Arch Rival Roller Derby, who have gone to great strides in establishing the legitimacy of roller derby in this great city.

The GateKeepers recognize and appreciate their accomplishments. Together, we can create a sport that is not limited by gender — open to all who long for the excitement of flat track roller derby.

  • 0260 Spin Diesel
  • 1 The Saint
  • 216 Lumber Jerk
  • 22 Nate Bower
  • 314 Double Excel
  • 32 Shane Bower
  • 37 Michael D'Amaro
  • 386 Metcalfe
  • 5 Bruno Scars
  • 506 Matthew Uttendorf
  • 5150 Hulk
  • 57 Monster Jam
  • 6 Sir Nixalot
  • 618 Bled Zeppelin
  • 66 Screecharound
  • 7 Magnum
  • 73 Kyle Stark
  • 82 Percy Controll
  • 99 Last Rites