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Chinook City Roller Derby

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Joined Date: 10/08/2013
Team Acronym: GRD
Current President: Dev Null

About Chinook City Roller Derby

Chinook City Roller Derby (CCRD) is a Calgary non-profit association dedicated to learning, playing, and promoting co-ed roller derby in a skater owned and operated team atmosphere. All aspects of league formation and operation are organized by team members for team members on a purely volunteer basis.

Chinook City Roller Derby League’s primary goals are to promote, learn, and play roller derby in a skater owned and operated league against other like minded leagues. We promote roller derby for men and women, welcoming all aspiring skaters to our fresh meat program as well as all qualified and insured skaters to the open practices and co-ed scrimmages we hold.

We seek to recruit individuals who have the drive, desire, and competitive nature required to advance the sport of Roller Derby. We aim to teach you all we know about roller derby, and hope you’ll teach us about this great sport in kind.

  • 00 Dodger Balls
  • 1 Gold Member
  • 11 The Herminator
  • 2104 Nail Bender
  • 237 Mostly harmless
  • 403 Riceball
  • 42 Sparky Labine
  • 468 Baywop
  • 506 Mr Twist
  • 514 She’z Hell
  • 52 Dev Null
  • 6 Quiet Riot
  • 73 Mad Piper
  • 7571 SHok Wave
  • 76 Mr. Blu
  • 789 Van Awesome
  • 84 Justice Bastacrash
  • 93 Doug Drillmore
  • 95 Scrawny Johnny
  • 98 Shomie Urhits