MRDA Sanctioning Policy

Definition of Terms

  • MRDA Sanctioned Game: A game between two MRDA Member teams played under the current MRDA rule set (as of the date of the game) that meets all of the requirements of the MRDA Sanctioning Policy. Sanctioned games are counted towards MRDA Ranking.
  • MRDA Regulation Game: Any game played under the current MRDA rule set (as of the date of the game). Regulation games are not counted towards MRDA Ranking nor necessarily played between MRDA teams and/or skaters.
  • Head Officials: The Head Referee, Head Non-Skating Official, and Games Official (if applicable) for a game or Multi-Game Event/Tournament.
  • Host League: Any MRDA Member league hosting a sanctioned game. Typically this league’s charter team would be the one considered “Home” on the game’s stats book IGRF.
  • Multi-Game Event/Tournament: Any event where at least three (3) sanctioned games are being requested, and consist of three or more teams. There is not a requirement of a “winner” of the event to be considered a Tournament.
  • Multi-Game Event/Tournament Host: Any MRDA Member league who is hosting or co-hosting a multi-game event or Tournament.

Responsibilities of Sanctioning

  • The Host League or Multi-Game Event/Tournament Host is responsible for sanctioning the game or multi-game event.
    • If the primary event host is not a recognized MRDA Member league, then the primary event host is highly encouraged to make arrangements with a participating MRDA Member league to be responsible for sanctioning MRDA games at this event. The MRDA Events Coordinator will provide guidance, as needed, to any MRDA league who acts in this role.
    • If the primary event host is the MRDA entity acting as itself, then the MRDA Events Coordinator shall complete all requirements of sanctioning the event, or appoint someone who is able to complete all requirements of sanctioning the event.
  • The sanctioning form, available online at  provides basic game and venue information. The host league certifies that all provisions  set forth in the Sanctioning Requirements heading will be met.

Sanctioning Requirements

Once all criteria (Sections I – V of the Sanctioning Requirements) are met a game shall be recorded and counted towards the MRDA Member leagues’ rankings and minimum MRDA game requirements.

I. Sanctioning Requests

II. Rules

  • The game shall be played by the current MRDA rule set (as per the date of the game).

III. Insurance and Safety

  • Insurance: All skaters and skating officials shall be covered by WFTDA insurance (or insurance with reciprocal coverage). Verification of WFTDA Insurance can be completed here:
  • Safety: The full MRDA Safety Protocol shall be followed.

IV. Charter and Roster Submission

  • The game shall be played using only skaters listed on an MRDA league’s Charter Roster and in accordance with current MRDA roster policies.
    • Multi-Game Event/Tournament Roster Submission: Deadlines for final game roster submissions will be two (2) hours before a given game. Roster submissions shall be made to the Head Officials.
    • Non Multi-Game Event/Tournament Roster Submission: Final game roster submission deadlines shall be negotiated between the participating leagues. Leagues are encouraged to enter into contracts to finalize this decision.

V. Submission of Scores and Stats Books