Code of Conduct

Voted in 12/20/2011

Code of Conduct:
The Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) strives to advance the sport of roller derby through positively representing the organization. The MRDA prides itself on cultivating an environment where individuals can enjoy the sport of roller derby. MRDA Representatives do so by demonstrating positive judgement and good sportsmanship in all situations; maintaining a sense of integrity for oneself and the organization; treating all participants, spectators and business associates with the utmost respect.

The purpose of this document is to clearly outline expectations of MRDA Representatives and what MRDA Representatives can expect in certain cases of poor judgement. For the purposes of this document, the term ‘MRDA Representatives’ will be used to refer to all MRDA members, skaters, coaches, managers, administrators, volunteers, and officials of MRDA events. In participating with MRDA leagues or at MRDA events, MRDA Representatives acknowledge that they understand and will adhere to the expectations set forth below.

Any MRDA Representative who demonstrates poor judgement may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with MRDA’s Grievance Policy. All concerns should be directed to the Director of Member Relations.

  1. MRDA Representatives shall be expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner (courteous, conscientious, ethical, and generally businesslike) towards the public, media, and any and all business partners of the MRDA as well as all Representatives of the MRDA when wearing league/team/or MRDA logos and/or while attending league or team-sponsored events, including, but not limited to practices, bouts, tournaments, charity events, promotional events, and fundraisers.
  2. No MRDA Representative shall participate in any practice, bout, scrimmage or tournament in which they are a rostered skater or official, or at any league, team or MRDA sponsored event where they are facilitating MRDA business and/or handling MRDA funds while under the influence of any drug, alcohol or substance that impairs judgement or physical coordination.
  3. All MRDA Representatives of legal drinking age who choose to consume alcohol shall be expected to maintain a responsible level of consumption at any and all league, team or MRDA events, provided said usage does not violate sections 1 and 2. Any such MRDA Representative that appears to be intoxicated and/or is causing a disturbance at a league, team or MRDA event will be required to remove their skates (if applicable) and/or turn their shirt inside out so that the league, team or MRDA logo is not visible. If said MRDA Representative continues to cause a disturbance, they will be required to leave the event. No MRDA Representative under the legal drinking age will be permitted to drink alcohol at any league, team or MRDA events. Any underage MRDA Representative violating this policy will be required to leave the event. Violation of this policy will result in removal from the event and disciplinary action.
  4. All MRDA Representatives are encouraged to attempt to amicably resolve any interpersonal issues with other MRDA Representatives. If no resolution can be reached, the matter should be brought to the attention of the Director of Member Relations. The Director of Member Relations will assess how the issue should be handled.
  5. MRDA Representatives are not to interact in a negative manner with other parties present (including but not limited to vendors, volunteers and support staff) at any league, team or MRDA sponsored event. If there is any issue, MRDA Representatives must immediately bring the concern to the Event Coordinator, then if needed to the Director of Member Relations for resolution. Representatives must not attempt to handle the situation on their own.
  6. No MRDA Representative shall engage in a physical altercation with another party at any MRDA event. During bout play, the Head Referee will assess penalties, expulsions and/or suspensions in accordance with the current MRDA ruleset. Any MRDA Representative who engages in a physical altercation with another party at a MRDA event will be automatically suspended from participation in the remainder of the event. An appeal to allow the offending MRDA Representative to resume participation may be made to the MRDA Games Committee by that MRDA Representative’s official league Representative. If necessary, legal authorities may be called upon to remove the offending MRDA Representative from the event premises and further legal action may be incurred. Following the event, affected parties who wish to file a grievance may consult the Director of Member Relations.