New Member League – Disorder

La asociación MRDA ha agregado otra nueva liga, esta vez desde ¡Mexico! ¡Disorder! DisorderMexico City, Mexico ¡Esta liga causó un gran revuelo al fines del 2022 y tienen un hambre por competir! Estamos muy emocionados de darles la bienvenida a la organización y verlos competir. ¡Les deseamos toda la suerte! ————————— The MRDA has added […]

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New Member League – Pittsburgh Roller Derby

The Men’s Roller Derby Association announces a new member league! MRDA, the international governing body of men’s roller derby, has added a new league to its ranks. This new league was accepted by a vote of MRDA’s membership to be added to our growing list of MRDA affiliated leagues. Pittsburgh Roller Derby Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA […]

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2021 MRDA Competitive Season

The MRDA Board of Directors wishes the worldwide roller derby community a Happy New Year. As 2021 begins, we have obviously been monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Looking at the surge in COVID-19 almost worldwide and the current vaccine rollout schedule, the Board has decided that we will not move forward trying to plan either […]

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MRDA Board COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the world, with an unprecedented impact on roller derby. To respond to this unique situation, MRDA has been working with WFTDA, JRDA and National Governing Bodies throughout, and we wish to publicly thank them for their hard work, particularly WFTDA and their COVID-19 Task Force. 27-March-2020- Edit to Post The […]

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MRDA December Rankings

It’s time for updated rankings! What changes did 2019 MRDA Champs bring? 1 St. Louis Gatekeepers (-)2 Magic City Misfits (-)3 Texas Men’s Roller Derby (+3)4 Vancouver Murder (-1)5 Southern Discomfort (-1)6 Denver Ground Control (+4)7 Manchester Roller Derby (-2)8 Golden State Heat (-1)9 Panam Squad (-1)10 Derby Club le Crès Lattes Montpellier (+1)11 Austin Anarchy (-2)12 […]

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2019 Post Season Wrap Up

Another season is over and what a surprising one it has been! The theme of the year has been ‘upsets’, with numerous teams punching well above their weight. In several cases the seeding spots have been turned upside down.   MRDA European Qualifiers First off was the MRDA European Qualifiers (MEQ) in August, a five team tournament […]

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Dissolution of MRDA/WFTDA Partnership

The MRDA Board of Directors has received notification from Master Blaster, President of the WFTDA, that WFTDA is dissolving any remaining elements of our previous partnership with them. The MRDA no longer has any involvement in the WFTDA Officiating and Games pillars. The volunteers who devoted time to these roles have been made aware that […]

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2019 Championships Officiating Crews

The MRDA is proud to announce the wonderful officials crews for the 2019 Championships which will take place from 11th to 13th October in Denver,CO USA. 2019 MRDA Championships Officiating Crews THR + ATHR Bambi Lance + Valerito THNSO + ATHNSO Doc Skinner + Ricochet GTO Loco Motive Crew 1 Crew 2 Crew 3 Kurz […]

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NAQ 2019: Chat with Denver Ground Control

  An epic weekend in Aberdeen, Scotland for the European leg of the qualifiers saw Kamiquadz and Manneken Beasts gain a spot in the Champs. Sadly, the Beasts were forced to decline their invitation, but the Kamis will form part of the top twelve teams who will face off at the MRDA Championships co-hosted by […]

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