MRDA Winter Rankings 2018


MRDA is proud to announce Winter Rankings for 2018. These rankings include games played at MRDA Champs in Portland USA, Silver City Cup in Aberdeen Scotland and AMRD Nationals in Perth, Australia among other events.

1 St. Louis Gatekeepers
2 Bridgetown Roller Derby
3 Vancouver Murder
4 Southern discomfort
5 Manchester Roller Derby
6 Texas Men’s Roller Derby
7 Magic City Misfits
8 Tyne and Fear Roller Derby
9 Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder
10 Denver Ground Control
11 Philadelphia Hooligans
12 Mohawk Valley Roller Derby
13 Austin Anarchy
14 Drive-By City Rollers
15 Puget Sound Outcast Derby
16 San Diego Aftershocks
17 Race City Rebels
18 Toronto Men’s Roller Derby
19 Mass Maelstrom
20 Minnesota Men’s Roller Derby
21 Manneken Beasts
22 Your Mom Men’s Derby
23 Victoria Men’s Roller Derby
24 Oklahoma Men’s Roller Derby
25 Brisbane City Rollers
26 Lane County Concussion
27 Chicago Bruise Brothers
28 Carolina Wreckingballs
29 Barrow Infernos
30 West Swedish Roller Derby
31 Wisconsin Men’s Roller Derby
32 Chinook City Roller Derby
33 Dakota Men’s Roller Derby
34 Casco Bay Roller Derby
35 Pittsburgh Blue Streaks
36 Houston Men’s Roller Derby
37 Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby
38 Collision Men’s Derby
39 Wheels of Mayhem
40 South Wales Silures
41 Granite City Brawlers
42 Derby Club le Crès Lattes Montpellier
43 Crash Test Brummies
44 Cleveland Men’s Roller Derby
45 Nottingham Roller Derby
46 Flour City Fear Men’s Roller Derby
47 Harm City Men’s Derby
48 Detroit Men’s Roller Derby
49 Varsity Derby League
50 Capital City Hooligans
51 Sydney City SMASH

Leagues currently ineligible for rankings

Capital City Derby Doods
Cincinnati Battering Rams
Glasgow Men’s Roller Derby
Men’s Roller Derby Japan
Montreal Men’s Roller Derby
New York Shock Exchange
Panam Squad
Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Roller Derby Toulouse
Sioux City Korn Stalkers
Tampere Rollin’ Bros
The Inhuman League
Thunderquads Roller Derby Masculino
Wirral Roller Derby

Leagues on hiatus

Capital District Trauma Authority
East Anglo Smacksons
New Orleans Brass Roller Derby
Tampa Bay Men’s Roller Derby
The Skaters Grim
Vermont Men’s Roller Derby