MRDA Spring Rankings 2015

MRDA Spring Rankings 2015

February 16, 2015 – The Men’s Roller Derby Association announces the initial rankings for the 2015 season.  These rankings were calculated by the MRDA rankings committee, based on games played in the last year, then presented and voted on by it’s member leagues.

Major changes in this ranking period:   We would like to introduce Tyne and Fear Roller Derby #15 in their first rankings as an MRDA league, and welcome back  Capital District Trauma Authority #21, Rock City Riot #26, Lane County Concussion #31 who were unranked in the September 2014 rankings.

There are no changes in the #1 – #4 spots; Your Mom Men’s Derby #1, St. Louis GateKeepers #2, New York Shock Exchange #3 and Puget Sound Outcast Derby #4.

Southern Discomfort #5 and Denton County Outlaws (Texas Outlaws) #6 have bumped up two spots, dropping Portland Men’s Roller Derby to #7, and Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby to  #8.

Leagues in the #9 – #14 range have maintained their positions; Arizona Men’s Derby #9, Deep Valley Belligerents #10, Drive-By City Rollers #11, Magic City Misfits #12, Dallas Deception  #13, Minnesota Men’s Roller Derby (Twin Cities Terrors) #14.

The 2014 MRDA fall rankings in their entirety are below.

MRDA 2015 Spring Rankings

Current rank            League

1                                     Your Mom Men’s Derby
2                                     St. Louis GateKeepers
3                                     New York Shock Exchange
4                                     Puget Sound Outcast Derby
5                                     Southern Discomfort
6                                    Denton County Outlaws (Texas Outlaws)
7                                    Portland Men’s Roller Derby
8                                    Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby
9                                    Arizona Men’s Derby
10                                 Deep Valley Belligerents
11                                  Drive-By City Rollers
12                                  Magic City Misfits
13                                  Dallas Deception
14                                  Minnesota Men’s Roller Derby
15                                  Tyne and Fear Roller Derby
16                                  Race City Rebels
17                                  Cincinnati Battering Rams
18                                  Montreal Men’s Roller Derby (Mont Royals)
19                                  Carolina Wreckingballs
20                                 Connecticut Death Quads
21                                  Capital District Trauma Authority
22                                 The Quadfathers
23                                Uinta Madness Roller Derby
24                                Glenmore Resevoir Dogs
25                                 Sioux City Korn Stalkers
26                                 Rock City Riot
27                                 Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg
28                                Chicago Bruise Brothers
29                                Capital City Hooligans
30                               Red Deer Dreadnaughts
31                                Lane County Concussion