MRDWC to join MRDA in new agreement



The MRDA and Men’s Roller Derby World Cup (MRDWC) are taking our relationship to the next level! Following extensive discussions between the boards of both organisations, and receiving majority support from their associated member bases, MRDWC will join the MRDA by 2020.

There is much work ahead of both organisations, but thanks to the close relationships forged since the creation of the MRDWC the process is expected to be smooth. Discussions will continue in order to facilitate a project timeline that allows for a full analysis of the MRDWC becoming part of the MRDA. MRDA Board of Directors will guide the formation of a dedicated workgroup, ensuring that MRDA members will continue to have a say in the future of their Association.

The first MRDWC was held in Birmingham, UK in 2014. Teams from 15 countries competed, viewers from all 7 continents watched, yes, that includes Antarctica. 2016 saw the MRDWC descend on Cowtown – Calgary, Alberta Canada. The event continued to grow, with 20 teams competing and total viewers across the world exceeding 27,000. In 2018 the event was held in Barcelona, 24 teams competed and the next event in St Louis is set to be even bigger.

MRDWC is proud of its support of gender diversity, particularly when it comes to officiating. At every event, the majority of Tournament Heads have not identified as male. MRDWC has even seen 3 wedding proposals, including one during the halftime break of the championship game.

The MRDA has supported the event since its inception, and is very much looking forward to welcoming the MRDWC to our Association. MRDA is committed to the growth of Men’s Roller Derby worldwide, hosting playoffs in Europe and North America since 2017. MRDA Champs will be held in Europe in 2020, with plans already in place to ensure that Champs happen outside of North America at least every 3 years.

The MRDA and MRDWC coming together will strengthen the MRDA’s position as the effective International Governing Body for Men’s Roller Derby, representing over 2000 skaters, officials, announcers, administrators and volunteers.