MRDA Announces March’s Skater of the Month: Streetfight Manifesto

Each month, the Men’s Roller Derby Association selects a skater that we believe to be the embodiment of the values we represent and the achievements that we wish to see all of our skaters attain. This skater showcases teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship both on and off the track. We believe that these values are the building blocks for any successful league, team, skater, and person. This month, the MRDA is pleased to announce our choice for Skater of the Month to be: Streetfight Manifesto of Toronto Men’s Roller Derby

We were able to ask Streetfight some questions about his role in the derby-verse and the interview is posted below.

Skater Name: Streetfight Manifesto
Number: 1234
League Affiliation: Toronto Men’s Roller Derby
Position: Blocker
Years in derby: 4
What got you into roller derby?  Really, just learning that men’s roller derby was a thing.  As soon as I’d digested that information, I went out and bought skates.

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far?  Helping Toronto crack the top 20 at the end of last season.

How do you push yourself to be a better athlete?  Hard hits from bigger guys at practice are pretty good incentive to up my strength.  I’m an average sized guy on a relatively diminutive team!

What are your goals for the upcoming season?  I want us to make playoffs in Massachusetts, and raise hell there.

Who inspires you the most?   I just like watching high-level teams play in general.  If that doesn’t make you want to put your skates on and practice to get better, not much will.

What do you do outside of derby (work, fun, etc)?  I’m a senior manager for a large telecom in Canada.  When I’m not doing that, playing some records and/or reading a book is my idea of a good time.

What song do you listen to get pumped before a bout?  9mm and a Three Piece Suit – Streetlight Manifesto

What advice would you give to new skaters?  The sport, while difficult, isn’t as daunting as it nearly looks.  Everyone has quite a learning curve when they start off. Get some gear, borrow from a friend, or your friendly nearby league and give it a try!