Changes to MRDA Board of Directors & IT Leadership


The Men’s Roller Derby Association is proud to announce the following changes to our Executive Board of Directors, who are responsible for overseeing the MRDA as the international governing body for men’s roller derby.


Jimmy Rage has stepped down as president. Sin Diesel is acting in a caretaker capacity in this role for the short term.

Vice President

D Baggins has stepped into the Vice President role, vacated by Sin Diesel.

“I am excited to take on the role as Vice President and it is something I have worked very hard towards. For the past two and a half years I have been the Committee Head of Insurance within the MRDA. During that time I have worked with the prior and current administration on various issues within our organization. I have always taken every opportunity I have been given, to take the ball and run with it and I will bring the same passion and dedication to the Vice President position that I have exemplified during the past 3 years. I would also like to strengthen our relationship with both the WFTDA and JRDA organizations, having already established a working relationship with them over the course of my time in derby. In my own league I have contributed as an NSO, a skater, and have served on my team’s Board of Directors as well as multiple committees. I believe this helps me bring a broad range of information and knowledge to the position of Vice President. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to help grow this organization”

Director of Public Relations

Commando Roll is the new Director of Public Relations after Lumberjerk stepped down.

“Hi folks! I am Commando Roll from Sydney City SMASH in Australia. We were Australia’s first MRDA league so it is only fitting that the first board member from our part of the world is a member of SMASH. I have a background in Communications and Content Marketing and am excited about being able to bring my experience to the MRDA Board. I am very passionate about the growth of the MRDA, and working to continuously improve our sport and our association.”


In other movements within the MRDA structure, there has also been a change to our IT Leadership


Information Technology Director

Mooose was an important part of the development of MRDA Central and has stepped down from this key role. Now leading our Information Technology team is Dev Null.

“I’m Dev Null from Calgary Canada and I am one of the founders of Chinook City Roller Derby and currently play with the Glenmore Reservoir Dogs.  I’ve been in IT for 24 years doing everything from consultation to management.  I want to create an IT team for the MRDA who can build and implement the best possible system we can. If you are a full stack developer or a sysadmin please fill out the job form and we will find a place for you! I also hope to bring a measured approach to keeping the website changes coming while being open to feedback and new ideas.”

The MRDA would like to thank Jimmy Rage, Lumberjerk and Mooose for their tireless efforts on behalf of the MRDA members and wish them well for the future.