Your MOM Men’s Derby Tops Mid Season MRDA Rankings

Your MOM Men’s Derby Tops Mid Season MRDA Rankings


June 22nd, 2012 – MRDA has released its mid-season rankings for 2012 featuring the biggest shake-up in MRDA history. Every team moved in the rankings, and five teams qualified for the first time. One of the biggest movers was Your Mom Men’s Derby, who jumped from #7 to the top spot after beating former #1 New York Shock Exchange 199-148 at Spring Roll. The Shock Exchange fell to #3 with #2 Magic City Misfits, who also had a stand-out performance at Spring Roll, just ahead of them. The previous rankings are available here.

As it continues to expand as part of its mission, MRDA welcomed five new teams to the rankings. These teams qualified by competing in four sanctioned bouts since the beginning of 2011. Teams making their debut are Portland Men’s Roller Derby at #6, Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby at #10, Rock City Riot #11, Sioux City Korn Stalkers #15, and the Quadfathers at #16.

The Top 8 teams will earn an invite to the 2012 MRDA Championships. “Gateway to the Best” will be hosted by the St. Louis GateKeepers and takes place October 20th and 21st in Ballwin, Missouri.

There are still plenty of opportunities for teams to crack the Top 8, including the Mohawk Valley Cup. Taking place August 18th and 19th in Rome, NY, this bracket-style tournament hosted by the Quadfathers will feature eight MRDA teams.

The final 2012 rankings to determine who will attend Championships will be released in September.

2012 MRDA Mid Season Rankings

Your Mom Men’s Derby – Des Moines, Iowa

Magic City Misfits – Jacksonville, FL

New York Shock Exchange – NYC, NY

Puget Sound Outcast Derby – Tacoma, WA

St. Louis GateKeepers – St. Louis, MO

Portland Men’s Roller Derby – Portland, OR

Race City Rebels – Indianapolis, IN

Dallas Deception – Dallas, TX

Twin Cities Terrors – Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby – Lancaster, MA

Rock City Riot – Fargo, ND

Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen – Northampton, MA

Connecticut Death Quads – Waterbury, CT

Harm City Homicide – Baltimore, MD

Sioux City Korn Stalkers – Sioux City, IA

Quadfathers – Utica, NY

Unranked (In Alphabetical Order)

Burlington Bombers Roller Derby (The Bomb Quads) – Burlington, VT

Capital District Trauma Authority – Albany, NY

Cowtown Butchers Mens Roller Derby – Kansas City, MO

Lane County Concussion – Eugene, OR