MRDA Now Expands to 25 Leagues

MRDA Now Expands to 25 Leagues


July 25,2012 – The Men’s Roller Derby Association is proud to announce the addition of five new member leagues. Arizona Men’s Derby, Carolina Wreckingballs, Deep Valley Belligerents, Green Bay Smackers, and Tampa Bay Men’s Roller Derby have all passed the application process and were approved by MRDA’s member leagues. MRDA now boasts 25 teams as it continues in its mission to grow men’s roller derby.

The new teams provide MRDA representation in key areas of the country:

Arizona Men’s Derby is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in April of 2011, Arizona, under the name Phoenix Rattleskates, has competed all over the Southwest from Los Angeles to Dallas.

The Carolina Wreckingballs were established in July of 2011. Located in Columbia, South Carolina, they will be a welcome addition to the Southeast.

The Deep Valley Belligerents of Mendocino County, California are a force to be reckoned with. Founded in March of 2011, they already have victories over current MRDA leagues.

The Green Bay Smackers have been around since November of 2010. They have shown solid performances against MRDA leagues Race City and Rock City. The Smackers are Wisconsin’s first team.

Tampa Bay Men’s Roller Derby has come a long way in a short time. Established in September of last year, Tampa Bay has already developed a good-natured rivalry with fellow new MRDA league Carolina


These new leagues represent the biggest jump in MRDA membership since it’s inception in 2007. As member leagues, they will have full voting rights within the MRDA and will shape the future of men’s roller derby. Member leagues also have access to MRDA insurance and are eligible to compete for a spot at the MRDA Championships, men’s roller derby’s top tournament.

Congratulations to all the newest leagues!

For more information on MRDA’s new members, visit their websites:

Arizona Men’s Derby:

Carolina Wreckingballs:

Deep Valley Belligerents:

Green Bay Smackers:

Tampa Bay Men’s Roller Derby: