2019 champs – chat with New Wheeled Order

New Wheeled Order UK

Manchester-based team New Wheeled Order continues to be a powerhouse on the UK roller derby scene, with only Lincoln’s Rolling Thunder coming anywhere close to upsetting their winning streak in 2019.

The team are fortunate enough to train at Sporting Edge Manchester, where the venue is fully supportive of the sport, an all too often rear occurrence on the British scene, where venues are multi-purpose and protective of their floors.

Hailing from England’s third-largest city, the league have no problem attracting new skaters; their roster has increased from eighteen to 26 players in the last year alone. This is down to a combination of homegrown talent and mid-season transfers in the form skaters Gigg, Paddy, Rosie Peacock and Optimus Grime.

NWO’s first game will be Friday afternoon against Vancouver Murder


Name: Fish
Position: Jammer #5  

Do you find it easy to retain players?

Change is inevitable in life and I think one thing NWO does well each year is adapt to the changes to our roster. Losing key players like Omar and Quaddie would be an issue for any MRDA team but players are always ready to step up and keep us moving in the right direction. 

Our B team Chaos Engine have shone recently – shout out to everyone at Chaos Engine!  

How far do your skaters have to travel for training? 

We’re a Manchester-based team but often have a joke about how many skaters don’t live in Manchester, it’s probably not even that far compared to some American’s travel but skaters have to drove between 1-4 hours to get to training.

Can you describe a typical home game?

There’s always an air of fun around the team on a game day in general, I think in the past we’ve been guilty of taking things too seriously, Roller Derby is a hobby that we all do for fun. Enjoy the day and you’ll play better that way. 

Has any player stood out this season? 

One skater that has gone from strength to strength this year I believe is Cloud Strike, he came through as a homegrown skater, always works super hard and willing to muck in where needed. This year he’s playing incredibly and certainly one of NWO’s best defensive assets. 

You’ve upped your promotional game as well recently?

Grime had been a hero for the promotion/social media side of our team, constantly filming things, sending clips to skaters to share and making fancy videos to promote the team. 

Could you summarize the season so far?

Fun! We’re making sure we’re having fun and doing everything team first. 

Anyone, in particular, you look forward to playing?

Vancouver 😉