2019 champs – chat with Magic City Misfits

Magic City Misfits, US

The Magic City Misfits are veterans of the old Men’s Derby Coalition, having formed way back in April 2009 by a group of jam skaters. They skate at The Rink in Deland, Florida, which is a member-owned venue.   

Although they have experienced a growth in numbers recently, skaters are very spread out and so adhere to their own targeted training regimes and practising with other leagues in their area. Despite these obstacles, they find it relatively easy to retain members, although, with a lack of teams in the Southeast, home games are rare. 

After a rocky 2018, the squad have regrouped and faced this season head-on, winning back to back games at Brewhaha, before an explosive showdown against Gatekeepers at ECDX where they were victorious by a mere 8 points. 

But that was almost four months ago now, Magic City may be ranked #2, but equally, St Louis have been building behind the scenes and will want an opportunity to prove that they are number one. 

A handful of teams are currently standing in their way, if they want a rematch, they have no choice but get all the way to the final 17:00 Sunday.


Name: Michael Bratz

Describe the season so far?

Exhilarating. We usually go into champs having to face one of the teams to beat. This season we are going in with a target on our backs.

Who are you looking forward to playing?

Vancouver Murder. We feel like we match up with them well and it would make for a fun game to play and an exciting game to watch. 

What can you expect from the tournament?

This time we have to defend ourselves. Being a high seed people are going to come out swinging. It’ll be fun!

Any shoutouts?

We would like to extend a shout out to Chris “Sweetmeat” Harrison. Tore his ACL last year and was able to bounce back in 10 months!