Men’s Derby Coalition Names Its Inaugural Board of Directors

Men’s Derby Coalition Names Its Inaugural Board of Directors



December 9, 2010 – After a vote on November 30th, the Men’s Derby Coalition has taken its first steps toward defining an infrastructure that can support the MDC’s move toward being a national governing body for men’s derby. Prior to the vote, each league was allowed to designate up to 3 representatives to contribute to the development of the MDC. Representatives from each of the 11 teams, as well as the Officiating Representative voted in favor of designating a pro tem Board of Directors.

The following board members will represent their respective leagues:

Filup Bagby, aka Uncle Jesse McNasty – Dallas Deception

Erich Bennar, aka Dr. Spankenstein – Pioneer Valley Roller Derby: Dirty Dozen

Matt Dudzic, aka Virginia Slim – Harm City Homicide

Geno Guerrero, aka G. No Evil – Puget Sound Outcast Derby

Terry Hassleman, aka Peter Rottentail – Central Mass Roller Derby: Mass Maelstrom

Scott Meyer, aka Magnum PIMP – St. Louis GateKeepers

Samuel R. Petersen, aka MC Threscher – Twin Cities Terrors

Jon Rockey, aka Jonathan R – New York Shock Exchange

Jeremy Strecker, aka Streak – Magic City Misfits

Jill Vidal, aka Girl Fawkes – Connecticut Death Quads

David Weir, aka Jewbacca – Race City Rebels

This pro tem Board of Directors have the ability to vote on such topics as proposed policies and operating procedures, insurance options for MDC and non-MDC leagues, and the 2011 season structure. This pro tem Board will enable new MDC members to get to know each other on a professional level, while working to move the MDC forward.

Through early 2011 the pro tem Board intends to continue refining the MDC bylaws, establishing committees and defining official positions. By mid 2011, it will consider electing a new Board of Directors.