Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) debuts in 2011

Men’s Roller Derby Association debuts in 2011!


March 2, 2011 – After rapidly expanding membership to 11 leagues, the association formerly known as the Men’s Derby Coalition (MDC) is thrilled to announce its brand new name: Men’s Roller Derby Association!

Founded in 2007 as a coalition of 3 men’s roller derby clubs, the association encourages the growth and development of men’s roller derby. Last year, they completed their historic first season, which culminated in a championship for the Athletic Cup Trophy. With its membership explosion, the MRDA solidifies its presence as the premiere men’s roller derby organization in the world. The 2011 season promises to feature intense competition and world class skating.

The MRDA invites interested skaters and clubs to pursue membership at:

The Men’s Roller Derby Association Membership:

Central Mass Roller Derby

Connecticut Death Quads

Dallas Deception

Harm City Homicide

Magic City Misfits

New York Shock Exchange

Pioneer Valley Roller Derby

Puget Sound Outcast Derby

Race City Rebels

St. Louis GateKeepers

Twin Cities Terrors

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