Your Mom Men’s Derby Wins 2012 MRDA Championship

Your Mom Men’s Derby Wins 2012 MRDA Championship

written by James Brains

It’s only fitting that the most important bout of the 2012 season was also the closest. Your Mom Men’s Derby, in their first MRDA Championships appearance, defeated the St. Louis GateKeepers on the final jam, 136-135.

The GateKeepers, hosts of 2012 Champs “Gateway to the Best,” looked like they had the Championship wrapped up with a 20-point lead and five minutes left. It seemed even more likely as Your Mom jammer Peter Pan ran two minutes off the clock with a 2-0 penalty-time-killing jam. But, jammer penalties proved to be the GateKeepers undoing on the final two jams. GateKeepers jammer Debaucherous Prime went to the box on the penultimate jam allowing Your Mom’s Frank Notsohotra to score fourteen unanswered points. Notsohotra donned the star again on the final jam. And, a high hit by GateKeepers jammer Magnum PIMP gave Notsohotra the opportunity to score the five points needed to earn Your Mom the highest honor in men’s roller derby.

The third-place bout was nearly as exciting as the Championship. The New York Shock Exchange overcame a 66-point first-half deficit to defeat the Magic City Misfits, 199-157. Magic City jammer Jeremy Strecker earned tournament jammer MVP for his efforts as Abe Drinken from New York won tournament Blocker MVP. In the fifth-place game, Puget Sound came back in the second half to defeat the Mass Maelstrom, 221-137. Eighth-seed Mass Maelstrom provided the tournament with the only upset of the weekend, defeating sixth-seed Portland Men’s Roller Derby 169-157 on Saturday night.

The teams that placed were:

  1. Your Mom Men’s Derby – Des Moines, Iowa
  2. St. Louis GateKeepers – St. Louis, MO
  3. New York Shock Exchange – NYC, NY
  4. Magic City Misfits – Jacksonville, FL
  5. Puget Sound Outcasts – Olympia, WA
  6. Mass Maelstrom – Lancaster, MA

Portland Men’s Roller Derby and the Dallas Deception had impressive performances but did not place in the top six.

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