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MRDA Match-Ups for Spring Roll 2013 & The Big O Announced

MRDA Match-Ups for Spring Roll 2013 & The Big O Announced

For Immediate Release

March 20, 2013 – The third weekend of May 2013 will have two tournaments vying for your attention with plenty of MRDA action. MRDA is proud to have so many of leagues participating in these two events, both of which will take place May 17-19, 2013. Spring Roll 2013 is hosted by the Ft. Wayne Derby Girls and will take place in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. More information on Spring Roll 2013 can be found on the event’s website.  The Big O is co-hosted by the Emerald City Roller Girls and Lane County Concussion and will take place in Eugene, OR. Visit the Big O website for more information.

Match-ups are listed below with each team’s current ranking in parentheses. Please check each event’s respective website for schedules and viewing information.

Spring Roll 2013 Match-Ups

  • (1) YMMD v. (7) Portland Men’s Roller Derby (Bridgetown Menace)
  • (1) YMMD v. Carolina Wreckingballs
  • (1) YMMD v. Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg
  • (2) St. Louis Gatekeepers v. (6) Mass Maelstrom
  • (2) St. Louis Gatekeepers v. (9) Race City Rebels
  • (2) St. Louis Gatekeepers v. (11) Rock City Riot
  • (4) Magic City Misfits v. (6) Mass Maelstrom
  • (4) Magic City Misfits v. (9) Race City Rebels
  • (4) Magic City Misfits v. (12) Harm City Homicide
  • (6) Mass Maelstrom v. (7) Portland Men’s Roller Derby (Bridgetown Menace)
  • (7) Portland Men’s Roller Derby (Bridgetown Menace) v. (9) Race City Rebels
  • (11) Rock City Riot v. Carolina
  • (11) Rock City Riot v. (12) Harm City Homicide
  • (12) Harm City Homicide v. Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg
  • Carolina Wreckingballs v. Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg


The Big O 2013 Match-Ups

  • Southern Discomfort Roller Derby v. Drive-By City Rollers
  • Southern Discomfort Roller Derby v. (5) Puget Sound Outcast Derby
  • Southern Discomfort Roller Derby v. (14) Deep Valley Belligerents
  • Arizona Men’s Derby v. Capital City Skull Crushers
  • Arizona Men’s Derby v. Uinta Madness
  • Arizona Men’s Derby v. Lane County Concussion
  • Drive-By City Rollers v. Capital City Skull Crushers
  • Drive-By City Rollers v. Uinta Madness
  • Capital City Skull Crushers v. Lane County Concussion
  • (14) Deep Valley Belligerents v. (5) Puget Sound Outcast Derby