MRDA Announces Forum Update

MRDA Announces Forum Update


For Immediate Release 

March 13, 2013- The Men’s Roller Derby Association has changed from phpBB to Simple Machine Forums to manage its forums and message boards. This change allows greater accessibility to the public and easier, more efficient administration while keeping the members-only area secure and effective.

MRDA would like to acknowledge Ray Cardillo for his work during this transition. Cardillo, a former skater with the Quadfathers, and currently helping to create the Charm City Junior Derby program, was responsible for the migration to the new forum. Cardillo’s Creations also created the software MRDA uses for tracking votes in the form of an SMF ‘mod’ called Voter Visibility. Ray is also working on a new derby name registry called Master Roster and does creative work under Mr. Mighty’s Fine Designs.

The MRDA would also like to express thanks to Hit Happens of the Connecticut Death Quads for his extensive help in the transition process and his ongoing forum troubleshooting.

The MRDA forum is located at  To get an account email: [email protected].