Men’s Roller Derby Association Releases Unisex Version of WFTDA Ruleset

Men’s Roller Derby Association Releases Unisex Version of WFTDA Ruleset


June 2, 2011 – The Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) proudly announces the release of a unisex version of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association ruleset. With permission from the WFTDA, the MRDA modified the feminine ruleset to an inclusive, gender neutral version. The WFTDA ruleset governs hundreds of leagues around the world and considered to be the most widely used roller derby ruleset in the history of the sport.

In April of 2007, the first modern men’s roller derby game was played by WFTDA v.1 with the standardized procedures of the inaugural East Coast Derby Extravaganza Rules. The only modification was making all feminine pronouns masculine. Major changes since that ruleset include the elimination of match races, the termination of penalty box substitutions, the switch from “first pass” scoring to “any pass” scoring, and the change from 3×20 minute periods to 2×30 minute period halves. Additionally, the clarifications concerning how game impact determines the difference between minor and major penalities has allowed for more standardized officiating.

There are no rule changes in the MRDA Ruleset; MRDA has preserved all nuances of the current WFTDA Ruleset. All sanctioned games of the Men’s Roller Derby Association will be governed by the newly released MRDA Ruleset, effective immediately.

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