MRDA Names Its Executive Board of Directors

MRDA Names Its Executive Board of Directors


June 17, 2011 – On June 7th, the Men’s Roller Derby Association voted and named the inaugural Executive Board of Directors. The Executive Board of Directors will oversee the MRDA as the governing body for men’s flat track roller derby and continue in building relationships with other roller derby organizations. Representatives from the 11 leagues voted in favor of designating the Executive Board of Directors.

The following are the newly elected Executive Board of Directors:

Director of Public Relations: Geno Guerrero (aka G.No Evil, Puget Sound Outcast Derby)
Director of Games: Jon Rockey (aka Jonathan R, New York Shock Exchange)
Director of Member Relations: Filup Bagby (aka Uncle Jesse McNasty, Dallas Deception)
Secretary: Dave Weir (aka Jewbacca / Dave Atonement, Race City Rebels)
Vice President: Scott Meyer (aka Magnum p.i.m.p., St. Louis GateKeepers)
President: Erich Bennar (aka Dr. Spankenstein, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby)
Pending to be filled: Treasurer and Director of Officiating

The MRDA’s Executive Board of Director’s first orders include; membership benefits and new member registration, refine branding and marketing efforts, finalize policies for game sanctioning and tournament play, marketing and public relations.

For any questions concerning the MRDA can be directed to: [email protected]