2019 Champs – chat with Austin Anarchy

Austin Anarchy, USA

Austin Anarchy from Texas well and truly qualified for MRDA Champs after taking top spot at the 2019 North American Qualifiers (NAQ), defeating Denver (153-144!) who also qualified, as well as the Philadelphia Hooligans (188-99) and Mohawk Valley (139-101).

They come into the tournament seeded 8th with a rematch against 9th seeded Denver Ground Control in the first game of the tournament. A win will put them on a collision course with heavy favourites St Louis Gatekeepers later that day!

Austin have had a fantastic season this year, winning eight from nine games; with a solitary loss to St Louis Gatekeepers. 2019 was initially billed as a rebuilding year however Anarchy have actually had their most successful season yet and are super excited to be at Champs.  “I can speak for my whole team when I say we are so happy to be here.” Joliet Jane tells MRDA, “We qualified for Champs (via NAQ) using 14 skaters. We have defied expectations and shattered brackets”

In previous years, their appearance at champs was due to other teams either withdrawing or declining the invite. However this year is different: “We have never gotten in on our own merit, so this is Anarchy’s first REAL champs experience.” She tells us. 

The league generally has a good retention rate, a remarkable feat given there is no shortage of leagues around this city traditionally known as the birthplace of modern Roller Derby. They have a great standing in the local community and are very involved with the coaching of other leagues, as well as the hosting of junior boot camps and other charity bouts.

One team Austin hopes to play at MRDA Champs is California’s Golden State, who are seeded one spot above them in 7th.  Depending on how the tournament plays out there is a real possibility they’ll get their wish. However, the competition will be fierce at Champs (as it is every year) so make sure you catch all of their games as this part of the bracket will be fiercely contested.


Name: Teddy #65
Position: Blocker/ Pivot

What is it about roller derby that appealed to you?

For me, in the beginning, it reminded me of sports I’ve played before- just with a new twist on it, but now it’s the community that comes with it. 

What do you think your coach would say about you?

If I had to guess I think it would be along the lines of “welp there he goes twerking again SMH”.

How does being an athlete inspire you to do good?

By being a role model for the youth or for those who felt that they were the weird ones in the world and didn’t fit in; I’ll tell you now RD has a place for everyone!

What is your ultimate Roller Derby goal?

Skate for Team USA, and own my own skate shop. 

What mental tool do you use under pressure?

Mental 10 count with deep breaths.

What is your mantra?

 “laissez les bon temps rouler”.

Describe your perfect boot camp?

Hmmmm, well I’d say jammer camp lead by Scald Eagle followed by a footwork course with Rollamite.

Who would captain your roller derby dream team?

Bloody Mary because of her extensive derby knowledge and her work ethic.

What is your 90s jam?
What were you like in high school?

A mess