MDC Discusses Future Plans, WFTDA Encourages Men’s Derby

MDC Discusses Future Plans, WFTDA Encourages Men’s Derby


November 9, 2010 – This past weekend at the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s (WFTDA) National Tournament in Chicago, male skaters from all over the country met to discuss the future of the Men’s Derby Coalition (MDC). MDC organizers were joined by skaters from MDC and non-MDC leagues, as well as skaters from WFTDA leagues. Juliana Gonzales, Executive Director of the WFTDA, was also present to discuss MDC’s growth and development.

The MDC’s primary objectives for early 2011 include:

  • functioning as a governing body for male flat track derby leagues
  • offering a blanket insurance policy to derby leagues not adequately covered under WFTDA or USARS
  • structuring a championship season for MDC teams


The MDC also unveiled a copy of the most recent WFTDA ruleset with gender-neutral pronouns. The MDC version was created with the permission of WFTDA. A copy will be available online shortly

The MDC also asked Gonzales (aka Bloody Mary) to speak about WFTDA’s interest in the MDC. Gonzales acknowledged that initially there was little support for men’s derby within the WFTDA. But during the last 3 years, that attitude has changed. The Men’s Derby Coalition has grown and demonstrated its commitment to the the sport, to the community and its respect for the skaters who developed flat track roller derby. Leaders in WFTDA see potential for a relationship to develop between the two organizations. Gonzales encouraged the MDC to continue exploring insurance coverage, incorporate as a business and establish itself as a governing entity.

In alignment with the “for the skater, by the skater” ethos, the Men’s Derby Coalition plans to incorporate in early 2011.

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