MRDA Update – Southern Discomfort Investigation


In our original statement, posted 19th January 2019, the MRDA BoD noted that an investigation into complaints made against Savage Hun was ongoing. With that investigation now complete, the Board would like to update our community of the outcome.

The MRDA Board has discussed with the Grievance Head and will be upholding a 3 game suspension and a year of probation based on the COC violations from the 2 victim statements. Further, the BoD would like to make it very clear that it is not up to anyone but the victim decide the impact, for which the intent has no bearing. Much like in our sport, very special circumstances must arise before a referee considers the intent of a penalty. It’s the impact that is an issue. Savage Hun and the SDRD Board have been advised of this outcome.

To reiterate from our original post on this matter, MRDA is not a home for those who think it’s ok to assault and harass their league mates, their competitors or anyone present at events hosted by the Association itself, by our member leagues or where MRDA members are present. Where possible, the Board will be proactive in disciplining members who have breached the Code of Conduct and policies we ALL agreed to upon joining the MRDA.

We take complaints seriously. Individual members or member leagues can bring a complaint to Grievance or the Board at any time. You will be heard.