WFTDA, MRDA Announce Plans for Unified Officiating Certification Program

WFTDA, MRDA Announce Plans for Unified Officiating Certification Program

The Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA) and the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) are happy to announce that the ongoing collaboration between the two organizations has generated a concept for a unified officiating certification program. Having a single standard of excellence for roller derby officiating was one of the long-term goals the organizations set when they first signed a collaborative agreement in mid-2014.

Members of both associations have approved the concept of unifying the WFTDA and MRDA officiating certification programs. The organizations are electing a new certification oversight panel that will include representation from both organizations. The joint certification program will continue to promote excellence and consistency in officiating, and will help to streamline the certification process for officials who work in both organizations.

“The WFTDA has been reviewing its certification process for some time. Collaborating with our partners in the MRDA offers a perfect opportunity to update the program and strengthen the working relationship between the organizations,” said Grace Killy, the Ex Officio member of the WFTDA Board of Directors.

This felt like an inevitable positive next step in the evolution of the partnership between MRDA and WFTDA, and will serve to help recruit, develop, certify and advance our collective officiating population,” said Miss Trial, MRDA’s Director of Officiating.

Additional details will be released as the new program is developed.