Roster & Uniform Number Policy Changes

WFTDA has a new roster/uniform number policy in effect now for all of their sanctioned/mock-sanctioned and strength factor challenge games only. (It will go up for a vote in December 2016 as to whether or not it will be enforced in ALL games. ) The new policy removes the ability to have letters in your Charter Roster number, but you can still have them on your uniform if they are 2 inches or smaller.  Numbers on the back now have to be 6 inches (where they were previously 4 inches).
(Arms are still 2 inches).

This was posted to WFTDA originally in November 2014 and circulated via social media and via their forum. Relevant WFTDA threads are available here:

Out of respect for our partnership with WFTDA and in an effort to promote uniformity, MRDA will also be following this policy for **all MRDA sanctioned games (these utilize a team’s charter).** To give our members additional time to conform to this requirement, it will go into effect for our sanctioned games as of  APRIL 1, 2016.

April 1, 2016 and beyond- uniforms will be required to meet these restrictions, or it will effect the sanctioning of your game(s).

Questions and comments may be directed to the MRDA Forum.