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NAQ 2019 : Chat with Chicago Bruise Brothers

An epic weekend in Aberdeen, Scotland for the European leg of the qualifiers saw Kamiquadz and Manneken Beasts gain a spot in the Champs. Sadly, the Beasts were forced to decline their invitation, but the Kamis will form part of the top twelve teams who will face off at the MRDA Championships co-hosted by Denver Roller Derby, October 11 – 13. 

We’re now a moments away from NAQ 2019 which sees Denver Ground Control, Mohawk Valley Roller Derby, Lane County Concussion, Philadelphia Hooligans, Austin Anarchy, Chicago Bruise Brothers, Race City Rebels and Toronto Roller Derby battle it out for the final few spots. The event, which is co-hosted by Mohawk Valley Roller Derby, takes place this weekend in Rome, New York.

Here Chicago Bruise Brothers skater Trivy Al Pursuit talks about what NAQ means to the team. 

What has been your MRDA highlight for 2019?

While we didn’t win as much as 2018, we stood our ground against tougher opponents. But scoring our first wins against Minnesota and Toronto after falling short in the past stood out for me.

What other moments have stood out personally for you?

The level of intensity at practices. Leaving practice at the end of the night and just being so sore, but satisfied with the work you’ve done.

What does it mean to be a part of NAQ?

It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work by the league over the past several years. We made the commitment to be a competitive team and our first appearance at NAQ is a significant payoff, but we’re not done yet.

What will you be working on during the tournament? 

As a team, adapting to opponents on the fly. You can watch tape on people, but you have to be ready to change course based on what you actually encounter.

Who are you personally looking forward to facing on track and why?

I’m looking forward to our first game against Lane County Concussion. We faced them at BrewHaha 2018 and we want another crack at them.

Who’s the one to watch on your team?

Watch our blocking lines, we had some new people to mix in at the beginning of the year and they’ve really become to gel as a group.

If there was an award for ‘outstanding contribution’ behind the scenes in your league, who would get it and why?

Hard to choose one person, but I’ll go with Markimedes. He’s the first person to engage with new members and visitors to our league. His positive attitude has an effect on everyone.