MRDA Announces New Executive Board of Directors

For Immediate Release

1/15/2014 – The Men’s Roller Derby Association is proud to announce its newly-elected Executive Board of Directors. The Executive Board of Directors oversees the MRDA as the international governing body for men’s roller derby. Representatives from the 40 leagues (internationally) voted for the following newly elected Executive Board of Directors:

  • President: Graham Espe (aka Grambo, The Quadfathers – Utica, NY)
  • Vice President: Jonas Downer (Deep Valley Belligerents – Ukiah, CA)
  • Secretary: Eric Harris (aka Biff Quick, Rock City Riot – Fargo, ND)
  • Treasurer: Jill Vidal (aka Girl Fawkes, Connecticut Death Quads – Waterbury, CT)
  • Executive Director of Public Relations: Andrew Black (aka Screecharound – St. Louis GateKeepers – St. Louis, MO)
  • Executive Director of Sanctioning and Games: Jonathan Rockey (aka Jonathan R, New York Shock Exchange – New York City, NY)
  • Executive Director of Member Relations: Danny Simard (aka Rave N BustHer – Drive-By City Rollers –  Los Angeles, Ca)
  • Executive Director of Officiating: Kristine Phillips (aka Miss Trial)

The new Executive Board of Directors officially takes office January 15, 2014.

Stepping down from the MRDA Executive Board of Directors are President Erich Bennar, Executive Director of Public Relations James Brains, and Executive Director of Member Relations Filup Bagby aka Uncle Jesse McNasty, whose terms end officially on January 15, 2014.

Erich is a founding member of MRDA. He co-founded the first men’s flat track derby team in 2006, and helped co-found the Men’s Derby Coalition in 2007. Erich led the transition from MDC to MRDA in 2011, and has guided MRDA’s development from 8 teams in the USA to over 40 teams internationally. Erich has also played an instrumental role in forging a working relationship between MRDA and WFTDA. Mr. Bennar will continue to work with MRDA as an advisor to the BOD to provide continuity on high level projects and also historical perspective on current affairs. Erich continues to skate as member of the Mass Maelstrom.

James Brains worked diligently to help grow and maintain the integrity of the MRDA brand during his term as Director of Public Relations. James helped develop MRDA’s Merch Program and opened the door for MRDA’s broadcast on He also kept the MRDA community apprised of MRDA happenings with his press releases. Mr. Brains takes his leave from the BOD to focus on his growing family and the raising of his newest addition, “Baby” Brains.

Filup Bagby aka Uncle Jesse McNasty was instrumental in designing the processes by which new leagues can become members of MRDA. He handled prospective member leagues’ applications and the review/acceptance processes, as well as providing excellent conflict moderation skills during his tenure in the Executive Director of Member Relations position from 2011-2013. Mr. Bagby takes his leave from the BOD to concentrate on his family, a new career, and skating with Dallas Deception.

The MRDA would like to thank Erich Bennar, James Brains, and Uncle Jesse for all of their hard work and service, and all that they have contributed to the MRDA. We wish them the best of luck in their new endeavors.