MRDA Certification Committee

MRDA Announces Creation of Certification Committee

For Immediate Release

5/5/2012 – The Men’s Roller Derby Association is proud to announce the creation of the MRDA Certification Committee. This Committee has skating official, non-skating official and skater representation, and was formed to develop the MRDA Certification Program. This program will acknowledge excellence in officiating and provide officials with opportunities for structured advancement within the MRDA. The MRDA Certification Program is currently being finalized and will be available soon.

The MRDA Certification Committee is comprised of the following individuals: Anne Persand, Bambi Lance, Danger Prone Daphne, Grambo, Miss Trial, Oh Grr, Punk You, Silken Tofu and Three Day Bender.

The announcement of the formation of the Certification Committee comes on the heels of the news that there are now 51 MRDA officials. This provides yet another example of how MRDA Officiating is supporting MRDA’s guiding principles of developing and enhancing the men’s roller derby community. In the coming months, stay tuned for the finalized Certification Program as well as training systems for aspiring MRDA officials and for those officials looking to gain more experience.

For more information on MRDA Officiating, go to or email Miss Trial at [email protected].