MRDA Champions Top Initial 2013 Rankings

MRDA Champions Top Initial 2013 Rankings

For Immediate Release

February 18, 2013 –MRDA announced the first rankings for the 2013 season. After winning the 2012 MRDA Championships, Your Mom Men’s Derby remains #1 with the St. Louis GateKeepers, New York Shock Exchange, Magic City Misfits and Puget Sound Outcast Derby rounding out the top five. The big change is the Deep Valley Belligerents entering the rankings for the first time at #14. For the previous rankings, visit here.

Two upcoming tournaments have the potential to cause a big shake up in the next rankings release. Spring Roll, taking place in Fort Wayne, Ind., and The Big O, in Eugene, Ore., will both be played the weekend of May 17-19. The Spring Roll line-up is slated to be announced the week.

MRDA is now 31 teams strong. Look for fierce competition this season as teams battle it out for a spot in the top eight in the final rankings earning a trip to the 2013 MRDA Championships. MRDA plans to announce the location for the 2013 MRDA Championships later this week.

2013 MRDA Opening Rankings

#1 Your Mom Men’s Derby – Des Moines, IA
#2 St. Louis GateKeepers – St. Louis, MO
#3 New York Shock Exchange – New York City, NY
#4 Magic City Misfits – Jacksonville, FL
#5 Puget Sound Outcast Derby – Tacoma, WA
#6 Mass Maelstrom – Lancaster, MA
#7 Portland Men’s Roller Derby – Portland, OR
#8 Dallas Deception – Dallas, TX
#9 Race City Rebels – Indianapolis, IN
#10 Twin Cities Terrors – Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
#11 Rock City Riot – Fargo, ND
#12 Harm City Homicide – Baltimore, MD
#13 Connecticut Death Quads – Waterbury, CT
#14 Deep Valley Belligerents – Ukiah, CA
#15 Capital District Trauma Authority – Albany, NY
#16 Pioneer Valley Roller Derby – Northampton, MA
#17 Sioux City Korn Stalkers – Sioux City, IA
#18 Cowtown Butchers – Kansas City, MO
#19 The Quadfathers – Utica, NY
#20 Mean Mountain Boys – Burlington, VT


Unranked (in alphabetical order)

  • Arizona Men’s Derby – Phoenix, AZ
  • Boise Men’s Roller Derby – Boise,ID
  • Carolina Wreckingballs – Columbia, SC
  • Drive-By City Rollers – Los Angeles, CA
  • Green Bay Smackers – Green Bay, WI
  • Lane County Concussion – Eugene, OR
  • Manchester Roller Derby – Manchester, England
  • Milwaukee Blitzkrieg – Milwaukee, WI
  • Mont Royals Montreal Men’s Roller Derby – Montreal, Quebec
  • Southern Discomfort Roller Derby – London, England
  • Tampa Bay Men’s Roller Derby – Tampa Bay, FL