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MRDA Board COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the world, with an unprecedented impact on roller derby.

To respond to this unique situation, MRDA has been working with WFTDA, JRDA and National Governing Bodies throughout, and we wish to publicly thank them for their hard work, particularly WFTDA and their COVID-19 Task Force.

27-March-2020- Edit to Post
The MRDA has extended our timeline from April 15th to May 1st at this time. The dates below have been updated to reflect this change.

Recommendations for member leagues:

  • We recommend suspension of training and competition until at least May 1st.
  • Leagues should maintain compliance with local public health advice for when to resume.

Sanctioning, Compliance and Rankings:

  • Sanctioning for games scheduled between now and May 1st has been revoked.
    • Requests to sanction games between now and May 1st will be refused.
    • Games with revoked sanctioning will count towards compliance / rankings.
    • The above may be extended out beyond May 1st.
  • Minimum number of games for compliance / rankings reduced from 5 to 3 until June.
    • We may further reduce the minimum number of games before June.
    • Prior to June, we will reassess and establish protocol for the following 12 months.
  • Games already submitted for sanctioning that are (or have been) cancelled due to the virus will count towards compliance, and therefore post-season eligibility.
  • Games at MRDA Endorsed tournaments that are (or have been) cancelled due to the virus will count towards compliance, and therefore post-season eligibility.
  • Games cancelled due to the virus will incur no forfeit disciplinary actions.

Men’s Roller Derby World Cup (July):

  • The event is still planned to run if possible, with the following considerations:
    • St Louis has declared a state of emergency, and banned all gatherings over 250 people.
    • The above ban is open-ended, i.e. no duration or end date – if this is changed so it explicitly covers any of the tournament dates the event will be cancelled.
    • If the ban is still in place on June 1st the event will be cancelled.
    • https://www.facebook.com/MensRDWC/posts/1433344460184327

MRDA Post-season (August and October):

  • At this time, we are planning for both Playoffs and Championships to proceed as scheduled.
  • We are keeping in contact with the hosts throughout this time and will communicate any changes as soon as they are known.

WFTDA and JRDA further information”

The situation is very fluid, and the Board is continually reviewing and assessing our response to it – we expect that our plans and response will change over time, and we will provide updates as appropriate.

Thank you,

The MRDA Board