2019 champs – chat with Texas

Texas, US

The 6th seed Texas Men’s Roller Derby have played only five games this year, however, three of those were against highly ranked teams. A close 36 point loss to 3rd ranked Vancouver Murder (193-157) was followed by defeats to The Gatekeepers (283-44) and second-ranked Magic City (188-119) at the Brewhaha tournament. Having said this, Texas still managed to score, posing a combined total of 320 points over the top three teams in the world. This is a team that knows how to attack.

The team has strong ties to the local skate community, with their members giving lessons at the local the rinks assisting new skaters and several of their members also coach in the area as well.

Their first game is against the London based 4th seed Southern Discomfort, whom Texas played at last year’s Brewhaha tournament. Win that and they take on the Gatekeepers for a spot in the final. Otherwise, there’s a good chance they’ll play Magic City. 

“We hope to avenge our loss at Brewhaha against the Misfits” says Aireale Boggess, “and maybe get another opportunity against  Vancouver whom we lost to earlier in the season as well.”


Name: Lambo R. Feeties
Position: Pivot #126

Why did you get involved in derby?

I loved watching Roller Jam growing up.

Have you played any other sports?  

Yes, wrestling which is a sport you compete in one on one. Roller Derby takes a team coming together to win.

What do you think your coach would say about you? 

I’m willing to do whatever it takes for the team.

How does being an athlete inspire you to do good?

There is always someone watching you and you want to be a positive impact on that person.

What is your ultimate Roller Derby goal?

A Gold medal at champs.

What is your pre-game ritual? 

I play Love and Happiness on repeat. 

Who is your sporting hero and why? 

LaDainian Tomlinson, the most humble athlete ever.

 What is your go-to Karaoke song? 

Dirty Pop, Nsync