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2018 MRDA Championships: Announcers Announced

Meet the announcers selected for the coming 2018 MRDA Championships  in Portland (Oregon, USA) from October 12th to 14th. Congratulations to all of them who were selected.

Biggie Talls

actual size.

Bobby Narco

chasing unicorns in 2018!

Brutiful MonStarre

on loan to MRDA Championships from West Texas Roller Derby.

Champ Unkind

the voice of Akron Roller Derby and the Cleveland Guardians, and current President of AFTDA. Will be announcing and stuff at his second MRDA Champs.

Gogo Boots

Midwest living Brit, kitten aficionado, rum connoisseur and sparkle princess….!

Julia Sleazer



it’s good to be the King!

Raucous Ron

dedicated men’s roller derby fanatic and volunteer, doing his 7th MRDA Championship on the mic! It’s time to get RAUCOUS in Portland!

Rippi Longstocking

will laugh at your jokes, pet the heck out of your doggo, nap on your sofa, and take unreasonably large bites of your pancakes.

Verry Cherry

will talk for England, occasionally about roller derby!