Pittsburgh Blue Streaks

Location: Hunker, PA
Joined Date: 03/06/2017
Current President: N/A
Safety Officer: Wheel E. Rydher
Team Acronym: N/A

About Pittsburgh Blue Streaks

We are western Pennsylvania’s only men’s roller derby team. Our first practice was in January of 2015 at Neville Roller Drome, where we continue to practice at today. We continually strive to improve as a team and individuals every time we take the floor. Having a fun environment for our members while they work hard to improve has given us the opportunity to keep a solid core of players remaining dedicated to the team year after year.

We host Wheels of Steel, an eight team tournament with 13 sanction games, each year. The tournament is a fun competitive environment that is live streamed for free on Pittsburgh East Roller Villains’ YouTube channel.

  • 229 Thomas the Pain Train
  • 6 Off Kilter
  • 68 Ky Jelly
  • 96 Shaggy