MRDA Announces September’s Volunteer of the Month: Vicious!

Each month, the Men’s Roller Derby Association selects a volunteer that we believe to be the embodiment of the values we represent and the achievements that we wish to see all of our skaters attain. This volunteer showcases dedication, enthusiasm and ability both on and off the track. We at the Men’s Roller Derby Association cannot overemphasize the importance of dedicated volunteers and officials.

This month, the MRDA is pleased to announce our choice for Volunteer of the Month to be: Vicious!.

We were able to ask Vicious some questions about their role in the derby-verse and the interview is posted below.

League Affiliation: Austin Anarchy Men’s Roller Derby

Job performed for that league: Social Media & Design

Years in derby: 5 years

What got you into roller derby? After watching Whip it, my bestie and I bought our first pairs of roller skates. That same week I was learning to skate in a public park and two future league mates approached me looking to recruit skating officials, and here I am.

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far? Having the opportunity to represent my country México at the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup.

What are your goals for the upcoming season? Keep on working with Anarchy to make our way up on the rankings.

Any fun/hilarious/exciting stories from your time in derby? This season fundraising for MRDA Playoffs we had a drag bout in Austin and I went all the way: super tight corset, hip pads, two wigs, full makeup, and wasn’t able to breathe. I have never been so close to death!

Who inspires you the most? My partner, fellow derby skater for the Wheels of Mayhem. We started skating together with the women’s league in our hometown, but we had never really been able to gather a full men’s team in our city. It hasn’t stopped me thanks to him, has been my love, support and practice buddy for all of this years.

What do you do outside of derby (work, fun, etc)? Graphic designer, makeup artist, and drag performer. <3

What advice would you give to new derby people? Don’t take things too seriously and don’t take things personally, especially in derby. Work hard to achieve your goals, but have fun on your way there.

Anything else you would like to share? My Facebook page where you can find some of the derby illustrations I’ve made.