Dissolution of MRDA/WFTDA Partnership

The MRDA Board of Directors has received notification from Master Blaster, President of the WFTDA, that WFTDA is dissolving any remaining elements of our previous partnership with them.

The MRDA no longer has any involvement in the WFTDA Officiating and Games pillars. The volunteers who devoted time to these roles have been made aware that their work is no longer required. Further, WFTDA advises that after the end of this year, they will no longer recognize MRDA games for WFTDA Officiating CVs. The MRDA is currently exploring options to ensure that the hard work of officials who are involved with our sanctioned games and events are tracked and are recognized for their efforts.

These are the most immediate impacts the Board is aware of. There will be far reaching implications from WFTDA’s decision which we are still seeking to understand and clarify. The MRDA Board, while disappointed by this decision, is committed to the future of the sport of roller derby, the safety of the community, and the continued growth of the MRDA and the MRDWC. This includes sharing any suspensions or bans issued by the MRDA with WFTDA in a timely fashion. We will continue to communicate with WFTDA and you, the wider roller derby community, as we work to understand and finalize this situation.